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  • Top 10 Musical Instruments Of Tomorrow

    Music has been a part of human life since time immemorial. It penetrates our souls and becomes a part of us, just as we, its creators, are a part of it. We and our creations grow and learn together, and each phase of human development brings with it new tools to create the aural extension […] More

  • 10 Bizarre Times Musicians Got Into Trouble With The Authorities

    Musicians are just as corruptible as the rest of us. It is commonplace now to see your favorite musicians in trouble with authorities for drug charges or drunken stupors. Drug- and alcohol-related arrests have become something of a staple of the music industry. However, in rare circumstances, musicians get into trouble for the unlikeliest of […] More

  • 10 Deaths That Gave Us Famous Songs

    Pop songs have always been about living in the moment. The rock and roll lifestyle may be fun, but it is not exactly conducive to a long life span. Death has been a major theme of songs since the beginning. So it should not be a surprise that some of this music is shaped by […] More

  • 10 Times Musicians Were Banned From Playing In Certain Countries

    Musicians and bands touring the globe to play their music to the far reaches of the world has become a staple of the music industry. Just listening to music is one thing, but there is something quite exhilarating about seeing your favorite acts perform in the flesh. However, musicians and bands touring the world, it […] More

  • 10 Songs That Were Once Surprisingly Banned

    Although CDs and records are very rarely, if ever, banned, that does not stop discerning radio stations and sometimes even governments from issuing boycotts of specific songs. Such songs might be banned outright or simply refused airing on the radio, which used to be more or less the same thing before the halcyon days of […] More

  • Prime 10 Crazy And Unconventional Music Genres

    When most of us think about music, we zero in on the popular music genres: R&B/hip-hop, rock, pop, and nation. To many people’s shock, R&B/hip-hop turned 2017’s largest music fashion inside the US based on Nielsen Music’s estimate of common music consumption. Nonetheless, there are some crazy and unconventional music genres that no one talks […] More

  • 10 Eerie Quotes From Musicians Who Died Sooner than 30

    Life is a fragile current that provides people the flexibleness to achieve out in the direction of their targets. Musicians dedicate their time to creating distinctive music. At events, the works they create are so profound that they will lead their listeners to places they on no account would have fathomed or anticipated. Sadly, there […] More

  • Excessive 10 Nationwide Anthems That Are Actually Revolutionary Songs

    Along with a flag and coat of arms, a nationwide anthem is probably going one of many core symbols of a country. Although a lot of worldwide areas had their nationwide anthems rigorously crafted in peacetime, others merely reworked pro-uprising songs into anthems after their revolutions had been worthwhile. Quite a lot of nations with […] More

  • 10 Music Icons Of The ’60s Rocked By Alien Encounters

    The 1960s was one of many memorable eras of the 20th century. It ushered inside the civil rights movement, gave begin to the sexual revolution, and launched new political and social fervor inside the midst of the Vietnam Warfare and the assassination of John F. Kennedy. The final decade will also be well-known for the […] More

  • Prime 10 Tragic One-Hit Wonders

    A musician whose single has charted on the Billboard Prime 40 with out ever repeating that success is deemed a one-hit marvel. More often than not, the sudden rise and subsequent hasty fall leaves irreparable scars on the soul. The following entries think about the tragic lives of people who fell from grace, be it […] More