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    10 Nonexistent Things We ‘Discovered’

    Human history could be said to be one of ever-increasing knowledge. Overall, we know more today about a great many things than people did in centuries past. That doesn’t mean, however, that there weren’t a number of missteps along the way. You wouldn’t think it’d be that easy to “discover” something that doesn’t actually exist—because […] More

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    Top 10 Unusually Strange Stories About Puppies

    The world of puppies is not restricted to playpens and looking adorable. In recent years, several have made history by just being born. Pups are also handpicked for careers like beetle sniffers or police dogs (because they are clones of the police force’s best dog). Additionally, charities continue to rescue the offspring of Chernobyl’s abandoned […] More

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    10 Legitimate Reasons People Browse The Deep Web

    Most media sites love to hate the deep web. They paint it as a shadowy digital underworld awash with nefarious characters that spend their time pedaling drugs, sharing illicit images, and recruiting for terrorist organizations. To an extent, what they say is true; however, there is far more to the deep web than trading firearms […] More

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    10 Humans And Animals That Got Frozen But Survived

    Freezing to death is the direct opposite of burning to death. Both are horrible ways to die, though freezing tends to be longer, condemning victims to a slow, shivering death. However, hypothermia is more survivable than immolation. Over the years, a number people and animals have been frozen to the point where death would seem […] More

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    10 Uplifting Stories To Get You Through The Week (4/14/19)

    If the rest of the week has got you down a little, perhaps this list can cheer you up. Here, we only talk about stories that are positive, amusing, or inspirational. Meanwhile, you can also check the Saturday offbeat list for a glimpse at some of the strangest news items that made the headlines. This […] More

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    10 Brutal Facts About The Most Humane Method Of Execution

    Mankind has likely practiced executions since before recorded history. But only relatively recently have we turned our attention toward developing more humane methods. In 15th-century Europe, the suffering of the convicted was an important feature of justice. But as time went on, people began to seek something less brutal. The lethal injection was first introduced […] More

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    10 Most Relaxing Destinations to Visit

    How you define the words “relaxing holiday”? For some people, they define it as enjoying the heat of the sun, spending time with families and friends, lying back and forgetting the stressful life and work. For others, exploring and seeing new places and cultures, while others preferred to spend the holiday at home. If ever […] More

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    10 Microorganisms And Pathogens That Are Used To Treat Other Diseases

    It is weird to think that diseases can be used to cure other diseases. However, it is true. For centuries, scientists have figured out ways of using deadly, pathoegenic bacteria, viruses, and protozoa to cure deadly diseases caused by other pathogens. It may seem counterintuitive to cure one illness with another, but it has worked […] More

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    10 Offbeat Stories You Might Have Missed This Week (4/13/19)

    As another week nears its end, it is time to take a look at some of the noteworthy news items you might have missed. From the animal kingdom, we have stories on feline names, sacrificial guinea pigs, and dolphin clitorises. We also have two medical marvel tales, and we find out what happens when Roombas […] More

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    10 Weird Things That Make Earth Science Fascinating

    Earth science is an umbrella term for the disciplines studying our world. They include geology, meteorology, and oceanography, to name a few. Within these fields, researchers recently found things that should not be there, processes that work when they should not, and an epic global event that everyone missed. From NASA confusing mud to a […] More

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