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    10 Bizarre Restaurant Locations

    You’ll find quirky and unusual restaurants anywhere in the world. From fine dining to fast food, they all try to create a unique experience that will keep their patrons coming back. Most are in traditional shop fronts or purpose-built buildings. With many antiquated buildings being redeveloped, it certainly isn’t unusual to find a restaurant or […] More

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    10 Innocent People Killed By The Police

    The job of a police officer is to protect and serve, but that’s not always how it goes. Many police officers work hard for the good of the public, but some use their power to act as sadistic bullies behaving cruelly and without justice in mind. Today, we will talk about the sadists, the bullies, […] More

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    Top 10 Weird And Wonderful Facts About Hair

    There is more to hair than growing and harboring dandruff. Strands have superpowers, like a sense of smell and helping some creatures to hang by their hair. Biological wonders aside, there is the fascinating world of hair archaeologists who investigate the enigmatic bobs and weaves that once were fashionable in long-dead cultures. Hair can also […] More

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    10 Interesting Secrets In ‘Harry Potter’

    The Harry Potter series is absolutely riddled with secrets and unanswered questions. How are Muggle-borns found? How do Muggle-borns even come about? Who gets accepted into Hogwarts, and why? What did Dumbledore see when standing with Harry before the Mirror of Erised? Speaking of Harry, where did his enormous fortune come from? The good news […] More

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    10 Ancient Civilizations You’ve Never Heard Of

    The word “civilization” is open to interpretation, but archaeologists usually refer to ancient civilizations as human societies “with a high level of cultural and technological development.”[1] Although the Aboriginal people of Australia, for example, are commonly believed to be the oldest continuous culture to inhabit the earth, their nomadic habits and lack of infrastructure usually […] More

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    10 Wacky Australian Fundraisers

    Australians are known for their larrikin sense of humor. We are also a generous lot and like to raise money for our local community organizations. Raffles, lamington drives, and charity balls tend to become a little boring, and community fundraising committees are always on the lookout for new and interesting money-raising ideas. So, combine humor, […] More

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    10 Fascinating Facts And Finds Involving Temples

    Human history is dotted with temples. Today, their ancient walls often hold strange relics, some of which are the only evidence that missing temples once existed. Not all places of worship are dusty ruins-and-pottery affairs, though. Many are still in service or the products of new religions. While the classic oldies tell tales of biblical […] More

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    10 Rude-Sounding British Places With Unbelievable Backstories

    The British Isles are home to some of the most lavish and historic landmarks, many of which are famous all over the world. Think Big Ben or the Houses of Parliament. But perhaps not as famous are the unbelievably named towns and villages found strewn throughout the land. When we say “unbelievably named,” we actually […] More

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    10 Famous People Who Are Devoted Scientologists

    The Church of Scientology has become one of the most ridiculed religions since its launch in 1952. The religion was founded by American author L. Ron Hubbard. Scientologists are known to believe that the Earth is inhabited by alien “thetans,” which walk our world disguised as humans, and that the “auditing” process will clear the […] More

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    10 Facts About The History Of Prosthetic Limbs

    Unlike the gecko and the octopus, humans, unfortunately, can’t regrow lost limbs after they’ve been severed. That’s why prostheses, artificial limbs, have such a long history in engineering and medicine. From the horrors of war to the devastation of disease, history has provided ample opportunity for innovation. Today, thanks to the imaginations of inventors, amputees […] More

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